Heading to Zimbabwe


This morning I woke up before my alarm and took it slow before I had to get down for breakfast and be ready to go by 8:30. I had another omelet in the restaurant and then headed upstairs to gather my stuff. No matter how I repack my duffle is coming out heavier than I started, and I haven’t bought anything.

Our leader took us to the airport and got us situated to board our British Airways flight to Victoria Falls. It was another take a bus and climb the stairs to get on. At least this time they fed us lunch.

Once we got to Victoria Falls airport it was a massive line to go through customs and get our Visa’s. I did forget to mention that we gained 2 additional people on the trip that booked 2 weeks ago.

Once we got our Visas, we claimed our luggage and got on the bus to the camp. It was about an hour and a ½ ride then we got on the safari vehicles and had a mini game drive. The road was extremely bumpy.

When we reached the camp, the team was waiting for us with music and drums and very cooling towels. When we got to the main gathering area, they had some food and drinks for us. We had a safety briefing and then got our room assignments.. Each of us was assigned someone to walk us to our rooms and explain everything in it. Mine was Leroy and he was very sweet. We were warned what animals we’ll hear at night.

For dinner we had a very delicious vegetable soup, braised short ribs, rice and chickpeas. Dessert was apple crumble.

I came back to my room, took a shower and as I’m writing this, I’m getting bombarded by bugs.

Daily Animal Entry:

  • Giraffe

  • Gray Billed Hornbill

  • Elephants

  • And of course, the ever-faithful Impala.


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