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Last night was an extremely warm night. I slept some because I had two fans going. The wind was howling so that moved the roof a bit. Didn’t hear any animal noises above that.

We had an early wake up call but as usual, I’m up an hour before. We had a small breakfast and then it was out and about on our game drive. It was a good morning; over 1,000 zebras, warthogs. I got some great shots of my favorite bird, the Lilac Breasted Roller. After tea, we started heading back but made a stop in Namibia. It was just something to do. We came back to brunch.

I must have been really tired because I slept hard for two hours this afternoon. It was good, though extremely hot again. I had just chased out a gigantic millipede in my room. Those suckers are huge. You don’t want to touch them as they give off cyanide.

We had another cultural experience with a lesson on the history of Botswana and then a woman from a local village came in and showed us how to weave baskets. She brought some along to buy and I got a beautiful one.

We went on an evening game drive and saw ellies again, huge number of giraffes and the cutest baboon babies. I was also able to scratch of an item on my list. We found a hyena den with hyenas. It was off in the distance and I didn’t bring Baby Bazooka (my 150-600 lens). We didn’t do a sundowner as we went very far into the park.

We had dinner and then had a rousing game again of Bugger Your Neighbor. Tomorrow is an all day game drive.


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