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Last night was an uneventful night. No hippos at my door but I did hear them in the distance.

We had a later wakeup call today but as usual I was up before the dawn. We had a leisurely breakfast and then headed to the airstrip to catch a small plane back to Livingstone. From there we took a bus to the Zimbabwe border and a drove to Botswana. From there we took a water taxi across the Zambezi river and road for 1 hour and 30 minutes in an un air conditioned bus to Baobab 1 Lodge. It was hotter than hell.

When we got to the lodge, the staff greeted us with cold, lemon scented towels and we went to the gathering area when we had drinks and food. We are going out on a game drive in about an hour. This camp has charging stations in the room, ceiling fans and regular fans.

We’ve already seen an elephant that was trying to cross a main road. Here’s hoping for than just BIRDS!

Our evening drive started off with a bang. ELEPHANTS! We stopped and just watched them for 10 minutes. We didn’t go into the park tonight as we only had a short time out. It didn’t matter.

As we drove in further, we saw baboons, waterbuck and a lot of zebras. One thing about this camp and you can get cell service (I have an international plan) so while we were doing our sundowner, I did a FB Live. I’m sure I’m going to pay a ton for that on my plan but I just had to share the incredible scene.

I will say it is blazing hot here. Thank God these tents have ceiling fans.

We came back to a wonderful dinner of cold pea, pear and mint soup, chicken skewers, rice, Greek salad and crème Brule.


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