Travel Day


Today was another travel day. We had a much later wake up call, but I was up like a shot at 4am. I diddled around packed up my duffle and once it was light enough, I headed to the main area.

We left camp at 8am and got to the airport at 9. We had a short window of internet so all of us made use of it.

The first 6 of us went out on the first plane but we had to make a stop and drop off 3 people at another camp. It was the worst flight ever. I literally felt like I was on Disneyland ride. There were also at least 50 fires burning in the Delta. Even the smoke came through the plane. One we got near our camp, there was no smoke anywhere, thank God! It is sad to see hardly any water on the Delta.

As soon as we got off the plane, it was like standing in front of an open oven door. Well, we were warned. We had lunch waiting for us and we got our safety warning about the camp. If an elephant happens to be walking around, and he’s far enough away, go back to your tent. If not, just back away. Wow, first it was hippos now elephants. Oh and we also have to be on the look out for lions. This could be really cool! I do like the fact that there’s mosquito netting around my bed.

We have our first game drive this afternoon at 4:30. At least the water here tastes delicious.

The game drive this afternoon was a fruitful as those in the past. We did see a steenbok, which are the cutest and smallest antelope in the world. Of course, we also saw the elusive impala, but the larger cats still haven’t shown themselves.

Earlier before the game drive, it was too hot to be in my tent, so I went to the lounge to get my Fanta. While sitting there, an elephant came through the camp on the way to the watering hole. They said it was still a game path, but I didn’t expect to see an elephant go through only hours after arriving.

While walking someone back to their tent in the evening, the guides came across a honey badger. They only reason they were able to spot it was because the path lights are motion sensitive.

Two more spiders were killed again in my tent. I don’t know what it is about me, but they seem to see a welcome sign on my tent flap.

The food here has been the same as at all the other camps; delicious.


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