You know it's going to be an exciting day when.....


You know it’s going to be an interesting day when the guide who is delivering your wakeup call says to stay in your tent and he’ll come back and get you as there are lions in the camp.

Well that was just the start; we also found out a leopard had been roaming around. We left a little later for our drive this morning because of the lions. However, once we were on the drive, we were on the hunt and it paid off. The ones that were in camp were 5 females. As we were driving along, we found them with full bellies. They were beautiful.

As we went back looking for the leopard, we came across some very large male lion tracks and sure enough, we found them. My God were they beautiful. They had very full bellies and just laying around.

After that it was morning tea in the bush and then back to camp for brunch. Since we showed the staff a card game, they wanted to teach us a game. So, after lunch we played 30 Seconds. It was a lot of fun.

It was way too hot to do siesta in the tent, so I headed back to the lounge to read, get my daily Fanta and try to stay cool. As I was reading, I was falling asleep. High Tea came and we had a daily dose of learning and discovery. This time is was about Global Warming and Climate Change. It was very informative. I learned a lot of stuff I never knew before.

We headed out for our evening drive and came across the lions from earlier in the day. Still no leopard. We headed back to camp, had dinner and as we were sitting around talking one of the staff came up to our tour leader to tell us the same lions from this morning were back in camp. We went to the lounge hung out for a while and then got walked back to our tents. No games tonight. Some people had to be driven as their tents are much farther away.

Talk about an exciting day!


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