Winding down....


My African adventure is slowly winding down. Tomorrow we fly to Victoria Falls and on Saturday, I start my flight home. I still have one more game drive this afternoon and two nights in Vic Falls.

This morning, as usual, I was up before the wakeup call. Fortunately, there were no lions in the camp. However, we’re instructed not to walk unescorted when it’s dark and the 6am wakeup call has us in the dark. I thought I would head out anyway but all of a sudden, I heard something outside my tent. By the time the guide came to pick me up whatever it was it was gone.

The drive this morning, we saw things we hadn’t seen before; secretary birds, a new kind of antelope and the biggest pod of hippos. There were over 80 of them all sleeping together. It was incredible.

As I was sitting in my tent, editing photos, a huge troop of baboons went walking by my tent.

This afternoon we had an incredible thunderstorm. We weren’t sure at first if we would be able to go but we were bound and determined to find a leopard. We did some serious off roading and finally Kay got the word that fresh tracks were spotted. OMG, we literally raced to the siting. Come to find out It wasn’t just tracks but an actual beautiful 2 year old male. And the funniest part, it was right outside camp. We sat there and watched him for 30 minutes.

We had our last sundowner and had to make it a short one as it started to rain on us. When we got back to camp, we had our usual farewell dinner and he staff sang to us, just like the previous camps.

We were going to play our last game of ticky, ticky, ticky when we heard the horn go off in one of the tents. It turned out okay but it did frighten most of us. Well, that wasn’t the worst park, when the guides came back, we were told that the male leopard was in camp. Oh great, another terrifying walk back to my tent.

Tomorrow, we take our last small airplane ride back to Kasane then off to Victoria Falls. I will say, I’m glad no more little planes. They are very uncomfortable and just a little scary.

p,s. Can you tell I have somewhat of a sick obsession with Lilac Breasted Rollers?

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