Chobe continued.....


Another day, another ginormous millipede and two spiders in my tent. I also had a lizard. Doom, the bug spray, has become my friend.

We set off early for our game drive. It was a very productive drive. We finally saw a leopard. It wasn’t too healthy as it was limping pretty bad. We saw giraffes in huge numbers and elephants. We also saw something pretty rare; a sable and elands. They were both together.

It was another scorcher today. Our tour leader gave us a briefing before our cultural experience to clue us in on what to expect when we get to the Delta.

  1. It’s going to be hot; over 100. Yippee! She did say once the sun goes down, it does cool down.

  2. This camp we relocated 2 years ago to a new location but apparently the animals didn’t get the memo. Expect elephants, lions and cheetahs to walk through the camp.

  3. These tents are on the ground. The floors are canvas and it will be even more bug heavy and this time we have mice to deal with. You have to make sure that the zippers are closed well so nothing gets in. This just gets better and better. L

  4. It’s suggested during siesta time, you wet a towel and put it on the bed to cool you off. We are strongly told to keep hydrated.

  5. Unfortunately, we don’t have a pool and the Delta in the area we’re going to is drying up so we won’t be able to do the Mokoro boats. Only game drives.

Tonight the staff sang for us and we had to return the favor. Thank God that’s the last time we have to do that. These kids are sooo talented.

Once back to my room, it was packing time and using an almost full can of bug spray on yet another spider.


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