Kruger National Park

After a night of no sleep, again, I decided just to get up and dressed to get down to breakfast early. I had a delicious omelette and two cups of coffee, my first in a week.

I headed downstairs to check out and met up with the rest of my group. As we were waiting for the last member to show, the fire alarm went of. Ahhhhh, sweet memories of work. As suspected, since there was no smoke, it was a false alarm.

This tour company has been terrific so far. They met us in the hotel lobby, took us to the airport, checked our bags and led us to security.

Our flight to Hoedspruit was slightly delayed but we got on a bus and they drove us to our plane. It was a 50 minute flight on a small jet. When we arrived, boy was it warm and muggy. We were met by our guide, Johan, and we had an hour drive to the lodge. I was in the back and I actually got a nap in.

When finally arrived, we were greeted by impalas, and wildebeest. As soon as we got out, the lodge looked exactly like the pictures. Anita greeted with an orange-pineapple juice and we went out on the deck. There was the outdoor infinity pool and a view of the not so flowing river. She directed us to our individual rooms where our luggage was waiting. Again my room looked exactly like the photos including the outdoor shower and tub.

We didn't have much time before we were heading out for our first game drive.

Before we even left the lodge, we were greeted by Nyala. Then less than two minutes later several giraffes. Two young males were "necking". In this case. It wasn't too aggressive as one was a juvenile.

Johan got a call on the radio and it was Ferrari safari and off to see the Chubby Unicorns. A mother and son were wallowing in the water. This is a video of the son.

We followed them for a bit and then we saw Waterbuck. The next call came through and it was off to see my most favorite animal; elephants. When we got there, they were so close. I mean really close.

As we were watching the elephants, it began to rain but that didn't matter as God was smiling and gave us a beautiful rainbow.

It was Ferrari safari and we were off to the lions.

Once we left the lions, we did a sundowner. Wine, beer and snacks.

On the way back to the lodge we saw a porcupine and the cutest black backed jackal.

Dinner was terrific. Hot pea soup, roasted tomato tart, filet of beef, passion fruit panna cotta.

  • Daily Animal Roundup:

  • Nyala

  • Giraffe

  • Waterbuck

  • South White Rhino

  • Impala

  • Red Billed Ox Picker

  • Goaway Bird

  • Elephant

  • Lions

  • Black Backed Jackal

  • Pocurpine


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