I'm finally here!

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After 23 hours of traveling, I'm finally here in Africa. This was my first international flight and dear God, I should have taken a sleeping pill. I didn't sleep except for some short naps. What was really nice, I couldn't get upgraded to first class but on both flights there was no one sitting in the middle seat. It allowed me and the other two passengers on each flight to spread out.

Once we landed, they had very long lines at custom. Oh the best part, I finally have a stamp in my passport! From there it was to baggage claim. Now I happened to decorate my duffle to make it stand out from the others and I'm glad I did. There were quite a few OAT duffles coming off the the carousel.


We got to the hotel, had to carry our own bags but I went right to my room, ordered room service, took and shower and now I'm off to bed.

We leave at 10am tomorrow for back to the airport to take a plane to Hoedspruit then for our 4 days in Krueger.



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